Gold Bar Necklace Pendant

Simplicity turned out to be so much harder than it looked: I saw a lady on Sunday who had a lovely & very simple necklace made up of three gold bars. I wanted to make something similar, but had neither … Continue reading

StingRay Leather

No, not really Stingray Leather, just Stingray pattern. I’m all for beauty, but not at the expense of an endangered species. I recently came across the company¬†Endless Leather, and got some of their wonderful and unusual cords. I don’t really … Continue reading

Urban Decay Earrings

I went with the title “Urban Decay Earrings”¬†because I thought it sounded so much better than A) “Yet Another Nail Varnish-Related Craft— honestly Emily, do you have nothing better to do with your life?”, or B) “Cardboard Earrings”. So this … Continue reading

Many-Loops Ring

I like the look of stacking rings, and also wanted to try something less traditional than my usual ‘blob-shaped, thing-on-a-ring’ . . . I used a bit of copper wire for this because it’s so easy to bend, and I … Continue reading