Printing on Book Paper

I’ve seen lots of lovely pictures printed on book paper, but they’ve all been in the form of framed pictures. I wanted to see if I could make a smaller version, for jewelry. The process itself is not very complicated. … Continue reading

Scrap-booking Embellishment Jewelry

I’m not a scrapbooker. I say this because I don’t own a scrapbook, have never put together a scrapbook page, and don’t plan to. However, I do find myself dawdling in the scrap-booking aisles of craft stores for a really … Continue reading

Magnetic Pen Holder

Our new place is great, but it doesn’t have the largest amount of counter space. I — like many people, I believe — can never quite find a pen when I need one. We have a pen cup, but I’d … Continue reading

Tray Make-Over

I really did clean-up at the thrift store over Christmas. Bless you, Goodwill: I found this battered old tray for $1.99 . . . As you can see, it’s been in some action. I like a painted look, but I also … Continue reading