Studded Table

My life has been changed by . . . It’s an awesome site. In fact, I’d stop reading this right now & go check it out, but come back after. So, this was inspired by something I saw there. … Continue reading

Tray Make-Over

I really did clean-up at the thrift store over Christmas. Bless you, Goodwill: I found this battered old tray for $1.99 . . . As you can see, it’s been in some action. I like a painted look, but I also … Continue reading

Spray Paint Is Your Friend

One of the many things that rock about Christmas-time is the vast array of chocolates & cookies that change hands. Along with many of them, of course, come tins. No self-respecting crafter exists who doesn’t need more places to stash … Continue reading

Feeling Japanese: A Table Makeover

This is my biggest adventure so far. . . Perhaps a bit too big. We got this table at Ikea . . . This photo of the table shows its initial inspection by our dog, Philbert. Once we finally got the … Continue reading

Wrap Your Pictures

Now, as I think you all may know, I’m not that great at wrapping things. . . However, wrapping pictures is pretty easy and fun. You get a lot of bang for your buck impact-wise, without a lot of outlay … Continue reading