The Organizer That Guilt Built

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I have a problem. We keep the dogs’ leashes, treats, bags, etc. in a big blue bowl on the book case. Firstly, it’s kind of messy and overflowing. Secondly, is the bigger issue: I’ll call it “the looks of great sadness“. . .

Every time I go toward the bookshelf, the dogs perk up and start staring (which is awkward because it’s right next to the toilet and I head that way, well, regularly). If I actually need to get something out of the bowl– like my keys– they rush forward, ears up, tails wagging, tiny fuzzy faces full of hope.

“Sorry guys,” I say, holding up my hand (the Universal signal of S.O.L.), and I get “the looks of great sadness“.  I know they are dogs, I know they don’t really feel as if I’ve betrayed them. But I do.

It’s gotten to the point where if I need something out of the bowl, I sneak over with ninja stealth, slowly– slowly– fish my keys out of the bowl as silently as possible, grimacing with every tiny sound. . . Then turn around to find them standing there, ears up, tails wagging, with tiny fuzzy faces full of hope.

I saw this handy hallway organizer that would be perfect but that it involved the use of the dreaded sewing machine. Yes, I’m afraid of my own sewing machine: it’s loud and fast and my fabric often gets whipped right out of my hand. I avoid it like the plague.

So, I got some trousers and shirts and roughly cut out the pockets.

I had originally planned to cut equal-sized squares around different sized pockets. Then, I realized that would be hard and take effort, so I discarded that idea as if it were on fire. Instead I cut out the pockets individually. . .

Then, I arranged them on a piece of pretty material. Then I re-arranged them. Then I called over my boyfriend and asked his opinion. Then I got annoyed because I didn’t like his opinion. Then I spent ten more minute chewing the inside of my cheek and trying different arrangements. . .

I used my hot glue gun for the first time. Wow, I mean sure, ouch, really ouch, but also, how great is that?

After that I got a bit American Indian— “Every bit of the buffalo“—about the whole thing and cut up the remaining parts of the trousers to make edging and what-not. . .

To continue the theme of why-do-it-properly-when-you-can-cheat, I then hung it up using those removable hook-things.

It’s a total win: the bowl on the book shelf is now overflowing with completely different crap, and I can head to the bathroom safe in the knowledge that no one’s tiny heart will be crushed. Frankly isn’t that everyones dream?

Certainly, you have some use for this sort of thing; Let me know if you try this idea, and I’d love to see pictures of how it frees up areas of clutter in your abode and what new clutter does or does not arrive to take its place. . . – Em


The Organizer That Guilt Built — 10 Comments

  1. This is just great! And can be used everywhere in the house where little stuff needs to be both organised and accessible. And your seams are pretty even, so obviously you’ve overcome your aversion to the sewing machine. I am thinking of adding a small tongue to my machine that goes “Brraaappppp” every time I make a mistake. It will be worn out in no time.

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  3. I really enjoyed your project and having lots of jeans, it gave me a chubby face full of hope to make something useful from them.
    We are kindred spirits. Keep up the good work and tell us what it brings.

    • I can happily report that its holding up extremely well. I would hate to cause that face full of hope any sadness. So glad to find another kindred spirit :)

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