‘Yet Another Bloody Pendant’ – Gold Twig Pendant in Sculpey

This project was featured by Craftgawker on 8/21/12 (link).

Ok– I promise: I’ll give the sculpey a rest for a bit after this one, honest.

To be fair: the sculpey was an add on, in this case. I’ve seen lots of beautiful real gold pendants cast to look like twigs. They are delicate & lovely, and way too expensive for me. As always, I turn to my trusty and seemingly inevitable tiny pot of never-ending metallic gold paint. I had some fake twig-things left over from the bird picture. . .

(Yes it’s a picture of fake sticks: but, you know, I just wanted to prove that fake sticks can look like real sticks.)

I cut off the little twiggiest-bits at the end:

Twiggy Bits

(This picture is here in case you didn’t understand what I meant by ‘twiggiest’.)

Then I painted them gold:

(This picture is here in case you’ve never seen the color gold before and don’t know what it looks like.) Alright, seriously.

The thing is: little bits of plastic painted gold aren’t really as strong as gold. Shocking, I know, but true nonetheless. I tried coating them in Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. I did this for two reasons: Firstly, I felt it might make them more durable and heavy; Secondly, I’d just bought my first bottle of Dimensional Magic & was pretty much chucking it on everything to see what would happen. . . (As an aside: On Fabric – just sort of falls through. On Paper – makes it a bit shiny. On Cardboard Embellishments – pretty neat looking. On Leaves – looks awesome but peels right off: however, you then have a cool see-through leaf shape, just not sure what you’d do with it. The dogs avoided me for a couple of days, so I can’t comment on what it does to living things).

Anyway, the Dimensional Magic did help and certainly made the twigs more robust, but it still wasn’t cutting it — hence, the sculpey. So I cut a bit of sculpey and pressed the twig shape into it, so it wouldn’t be sitting proud of the pendant:

Then I baked it & covered it in Mod Podge to give it a bit of shine. I then used crazy glue to stick the twigs into their little dent in the pendant. . .

Here is a tip for the top: Crazy glue makes red sculpey look sort of mottled and turns twigs-painted-with-metallic-paint white; ‘Yay’.

So then I had to paint my red sculpey red and go over my twigs with more gold paint. That aside, I think its worked out rather well. . .

. . . When finished, you can wear it & be fancy.

Love, Em.


‘Yet Another Bloody Pendant’ – Gold Twig Pendant in Sculpey — 4 Comments

  1. a) this is a really pretty pendant, and a nice method. YOu could do it with a little bird, or whatever, totally cute.

    b) this is a really funny tone of voice, i love the last half dozen or so posts, they’re really awesome.

    c) lovely to see you both yesterday.

    d) I don’t have a d.

  2. Now this one is REALLY classy. I mean, you are getting waaaaaaaay too good for the title of this site. I do really really like this pendant! Particularly that you nmade an indent so the twigs wouldn’t stand proud and be vulnerable. It’s………dare I say it …..very professional…..

  3. a) ooooh I like the bird idea
    b) I’m so glad you like it as I basically write them to you
    c) so nice sitting on your deck, eating a burger, perfect end to the weekend
    d) me neither.

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