Weekly Round-up: Bracelets

Today we debut a new weekly feature: a roundup of crafty finds from throughout the web, united by a common theme. Our theme this week: Bracelets. Let’s dive in . . .

1. The DIY Necktie Bracelet – from MorningCreativity.com

A simple 3-step process is outlined for a fashionable mens’ bracelet made from an old necktie — or ties you may happen upon at a thrift store. Find a nice-looking tie that’s too short for your neck? BOOM: make a bracelet out of it.

Important note: The blog writer, Erlend, helpfully points out that “neckties with stains” can find new life as bracelets. 

2. Fork Bracelet Tutorial – by Simple Design

Lauren Lowe of The Burlap Bag overs this excellent way to practice your smooth curves (you’ll understand after reading). I’m already excited to start testing the bendiness of all forks I encounter this weekend…

3. DIY Woven Leather Cuff Bracelet – from Crochet Clouds

Excellent project taking less than an hour, using leather strips (with even a link on where to get ‘em cheap & nice).

4. ‘No Beading’ Indian Beaded Bracelet – Home Heart Craft

This one’s kind-of-amazing, I think, substituting Puff Paint for beads to make an authentic-looking Native American bead bracelet (those always look like they took eons to make). Simple, helpful & encouraging tips here (“Move Slowly”, & “Let Dry”).

5. DIY Gold Tube Bracelets – by Honestly WTF

Love the name of this site. Honestly: WTF? . . . This may be the most involved of the five we have here, but only by a slight margin. You still get a nice choice of styles resulting from one basic component, a curved noodle tube bead. Then, the choice is yours. . .


Let us know if any of these helped make your weekend feel fuller; we’ll see you back here in 7 days for another Roundup.



Will Maier is the Daily Post Editor at CrapAtCrafts.com, as well as an Actor / Writer / Comedian & Improviser in the Los Angeles area. You can see more of his writing at Willmaierwrites.com.


Weekly Round-up: Bracelets — 2 Comments

  1. Round-up is a great idea! Some of these are splendid and fun, especially the one made of forks. I have a friend who has a great silver ring made out of a fancy-handled spoon – I think you would need a special ‘former’ for this…..but maybe not?

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