Anthropologie Ripoff – ‘Doggy Silhouette Necklace’

Please don’t get me wrong, I love Anthropologiesuper-cute stuff. Like this, for instance:

Dackel Silhouette Necklace –
“A charming sausage dog is dotted with a dainty pearl eye. Influenced by fashion, femininity and nature and created by hand in Paris, French designer …”


But, seriously: $168? I don’t know about you, but I can’t justify $168 for tiny cuteness of that nature.

So what the hell, I thought I’d see what I could achieve for about $1 . . .

Not bad eh? So the secret to this is a knitting needle and a willingness to wiggle things around:

The curves are best achieved by wrapping wire around a knitting needle or a pencil (or something much smaller, if you want a smaller version). The one pictured above is actually the second one I tried: once I knew the process was a win, I made another so I could photograph each stage to show you. . . It ended up looking a bit more like a Ram than a dog. However, a small amount of continued fiddling made it come out good in the end. Then I just made a little ring & used cord, but if you wanted to go crazy and spend maybe $5 to get a chain, I wouldn’t be able to stop you. Nor would I want to: I mean, if you’re the kind of wild lady who spends up to $6 on a tiny wire dog, then I must applaud & support you always.

Yes, the Anthropologie one is made of actual gold and looks much more like a Dachshund than mine. But you can’t have everything, not for $1 anyway.

Love, Em


Anthropologie Ripoff – ‘Doggy Silhouette Necklace’ — 21 Comments

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    • So glad you liked it. I’m typing this reply with one dog sitting next to me and the other up to no good (no doubt) in the other room, so I guess I’m as dog nuts as you. :)

  2. I ran across your blog while looking for something else, and was so dismayed to see that picture from anthropologie! I just launched a collection of adorable little wire critters, including lots of dogs, of course, and had no idea someone else was doing something so similar. LOL I guess there are a couple of differences: mine are $20 in sterling, and they are hammered, for a more interesting line.

    Anyway, I like the idea for your blog, sharing your diy ideas. :-)

    • Well firstly Anthropology only has one and you clearly have many :)
      Also, as you say $20 is a whole lot better than $168
      Please go ahead and post a link to your line, I’m sure my readers would like to see what you’ve put together.

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