A Glitter Pendant

Unlike the one-or-two examples I prepare for any particular jewelry blog post, I’ve actually made quite a few of these pendants so far — mainly because:

A) I think they are kind of awesome,
B) I think they’re super easy,
C) They’re nice a way to add a bit of color to a metal pendant without it being overwhelming.

Basically you just grab a stamping blank (available at any craft store or online) and a round flat circle bead (same deal: craft store, Amazon, Beadaholique, etc.) . . .

Bind one to the other with some good quality jewelry cement — or you can just use cheap/crap glue, whichever floats your boat. . .

. . . Then you tip in glitter. Now, personally — through trial and error — I’ve discovered the following: it’s best to use Big Glitter (aka “confetti glitter“), since the bits are bigger & it’s less like powder. This works in your favor for the next step. Chuck the glitter in the center of the circle:

Now you add either Diamond Glaze or Mod Podge Dimensional Magic — each one will form a glass-like surface over your item. The circle flat bead makes a barrier and stops the liquid from flowing all over the place. This stuff has surface tension so it tends to come out of the bottle in blobs. This is why thicker glitter is best. The liquid is quite heavy and can sort of make little dents in the glitter if the bits are too small.

Also, you can’t help but disturb the glitter a bit (even when using the bigger glitter) when you drop in the liquid; thus you’ll get a few bits of it floating on the top. . .

What works here is a Q-tip: just roll is across the surface & it picks the glitter up nicely. Also, you need to watch the stuff for a few minutes, because sometimes bubbles rise to the surface & you need to prick them with a pin.

Once the resin stuff is set you just give the whole thing a good polish, chuck in a silver jump ring and throw on a chain and you’re all set.

Love Em


A Glitter Pendant — 5 Comments

  1. Smashing and very professional. They appear so easy you could make lots to tone with various bits of clothing. Your description of the process is clear and precise. Hooray!

  2. oh my gosh this is great! I have a round stainless “tag” and a washer hanging on a ball chain in the kitchen waiting for a project! this is it, now i just need the modge podge or diamond glaze!Thank you!

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