T-Shirt Scarf So Easy A Chimp Could Make It

scarf 1

I’d seen quite a few t-shirt scarves made by cutting a t-shirt into bands, stretching them out & tying them together. I like that look but think the one above is more feminine and more flexible.

You can adjust the length, the width and the number of t-shirts you use with this method.


I got these two from the thrift store for a couple of bucks. Because you don’t need the width of the t-shirt to be the width of the circle then you can use smaller t-shirts.


I made circles with a 7 inch diameter cookie tin and cut them out. Then cut them into a spiral with the strips 1 inch wide.

sprial 1

This gave me strips around 40 inches long. I cut out 4 circles of the flimsy lacy stuff and 3 of the thicker plain t-shirt. Then I used a spare bit to tie it all up in the middle.


I suspect I’m going to have quite a collection of these.

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