Spray Paint Is Your Friend

One of the many things that rock about Christmas-time is the vast array of chocolates & cookies that change hands. Along with many of them, of course, come tins. No self-respecting crafter exists who doesn’t need more places to stash their assortments of bits-and-bobs, so this is clearly a storage boom-time for us.

Normally I would just use the tins as they come, but I’m trying to live a more gracious life these days (by which I mean putting my microwaved meals into dishes rather than eating them straight out of the carton). Plus, spray-paint makes me feel powerful & like I have agency in my life. So I took these—

— and turned them into these:

Now, on balance I probably should have just left them like this, but felt compelled to add orange ribbon because:

A) I had some
B) I never know when enough is enough.

. . . Still, they are a nice reminder of the recent holiday season, and a cheery addition to the sea of clutter that is my craft area.

Love, Em


Spray Paint Is Your Friend — 4 Comments

  1. They look lovely but please don’t forget that sprays harm the environment and we have to protect it…But still, it looks beautiful!

    • You know what, you are absolutely right. I have seen a couple of posts about making your own spray paint delivery systems that don’t use traditional aerosols and I should have mentioned them. I will be doing another post about spray painting soon and I will be sure to add in some environmentally friendly options, thanks so much.

  2. Very snazzy transformationm, could extend to an entire array of matching but differently-sized and shaped containers.

    By the way, did you know you could transform interesting or even very boring bottles into attractive containers/vases by part-filling each with ordinary emulsion paint (sample pots?), shaking to distribute paint(holding thumb over open top (very important), pour off excess and allow to dry????????? Again, creating an intersting array of differently shaped but similar containers. just a thought.

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