Don’t Fear The Dryer

We’ve all had that moment of pulling a doll’s sweater out of the dryer, only to realize it’s one of our own. The good news is that what you now have is workable felted fabric. In fact, it’s such a good idea that I went ahead & did it on purpose.

I found this XS-size Gap sweater at the thrift store. I loved the pattern, but obviously wouldn’t have been able to fit it on my arm let alone the rest of my body. . .

I was unsure as to what exactly I was going to do with it but I knew I wanted to use it, so I bought it & chucked  it in with the next load of washing, giving it some extra-hot minutes in the dryer.

Then, I wrapped a bit of string around my head— not at the temple but where the hat band would be on my head— then folded it double to give me some width to cut along the bottom.

I then turned it inside out & stitched up the side. For the top, I sort of smushed it all up in a bunch and ran the sewing needle through again & again at different points until it felt solid:

Then I just turned it inside out & jammed it on my head. . . It really was surprisingly simple and terribly satisfying: certainly to be useful in this unusually cold Los Angeles January.

Love, Em


Don’t Fear The Dryer — 6 Comments

  1. Brilliant! You should also give some love to blocking old shirts and crap that used to fit, but no longer do. I have a concert shirt from my first concert in 1987. A large, but you know in 87′ Large was a smaller large. Now I wear a Fat American Large. However I washed it, and busted out the blocking pins and while it was still wet, stretched it to a desired size, pinned it down and in a few days…voila!

  2. Superb, quick, loved the smushing. The thing about felting is that it is difficult to find 100% wool stuff these days, but if you find it, felting is definitely the way to go. Felt is the ultimate fabric – no fraying, no hemming, no finishing in any way. Well done with the very nifty cap, sorry about the low temps.

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