Leather Bricks Ring

I little while ago I made a “painting” out of paint sticks . . .

I really liked the look of the brick pattern I created and wanted to see if I could create something similar on a smaller scale. I’m not super good a fiddly small work so I went with a pretty hefty ring base.

The first thing I did was carefully measure the space in the ring and then start cutting little bits of leather cord to fit. Then I realized that was a completely unnecessary waste of time.

Instead I cut a piece of card to fit the ring:

Then I just laid the cord in the pattern I like and glued it down. . .

Then once the glue was dry, I just trimmed it the right size. Then I put a layer of resin over the top to keep it from getting dirty or wet and fitted it in the ring.

I like the ring but mostly I’m just glad I didn’t spend hours trying to fit little pieces into the ring rather than allowing myself to be messy then trimming to fit.

Love, Em.


Leather Bricks Ring — 16 Comments

  1. As a shoemaker, I clicked on your leather brick ring while on craftgawker, thinking it might make a great design element on the front of a flat shoe. After reading the tutorial I’m really excited about giving it a try. I have a stash of leather cord, so all I need is the resin. I think I’ll cut a space for the “brick” out of the front of the shoe, then cement the brick to the lining. I’ll send a photo if you like.

  2. As a shoemaker, I clicked on this ring because it seemed that this little brick would make a great design element on the toe area of a flat shoe! A space for it could be cut out of the upper leather, then this could be cemented to the lining. I’ve never worked with resin but I’ll give it a try, it could add a nice touch.

  3. Speaking as a mother and an ex-crime writer I worry that the police will be able to track you down when you hit someone whilst wearing this ring and leave an indelible clue to your existence.
    Otherwise this is very snazzy (let’s bring back some good old words) – and I also like the ‘painting’ or construction with the paint stix – it would look good on a wall and give texture to a room. As the ring gives texture to your delicate hand.

    • Thanks so very very much, I love trying out new things and that means they often completely fail :) so its great when one turns out.

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