Wooden Circle Hand Painted Earrings

I like the idea of hand-painting. Unfortunately, I’m not artistic. But, I can basically color-in, using paint.

I got these lovely laser cut wooden circles from Timber Green Woods on Etsy, who make unusual laser-cut shapes from their own sustainable forest. Their prices were reasonable enough that I felt I could afford to experiment.

So I got some of their big circles & put on some masking tape:

Then I felt free to blob away with my paints:

Then I just took the tape off . . .

As you can see, there was a bit of imperfection — but some careful scraping with my fingernail took care of that [gross? possibly; efficient? yes]. Then I Mod-Podged them for durability & added some earring hooks. . .

As I was feeling inspired, I then made a pair of decoupaged ones with some paper leftover from a table project I did a while back. . .

Chinese Sunday Decoupage Earrings

There is something so utterly satisfying about painting things & decoupaging things & making little trinkets. . . Oh, happy sigh.

Love, Em


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