DIY Round Ups

Sharpie Love Affair

I love drawing with super-fine Sharpies. They have such an excellent range of colors, and recently I have been experimenting with drawing with them on leather. I love the way the ink keeps its shape flowing out of the pen … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: Leftover Turkey Recipes

We don’t do cooking on this blog, because — frankly– we don’t do cooking in life. However, today I expect that you (like me) are wondering what to do with left-over turkey. . . so just this once we are … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: Stencils

I stumbled upon an interesting-looking cutting tool the other day, something I’m planning to make use of next week (you’ll see a blog about it, so don’t worry). It got me thinking about — and then looking up online — … Continue reading

Weekly DIY Roundup: Wooden Sticks

Yesterday’s gorgeous wood-working tools made me think about wood in general: I have a Dremmel tool now (Thanks, Ab: <3 ) but I’m not really competent enough to use it, so wooden sticks remain about about as far as I can … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: Sharpie Crafts

Having tried my hand at some Sharpie-action myself this week I thought, I would check out what the rest of the world was doing with their Sharpies. . . 1) The Plumed Nest: Make: DIY Children’s Plates made with Sharpies … Continue reading