I created this site for two reasons. Firstly I love to craft and experiment with things. This site is mostly an excuse for me to act on thoughts like “what if I painted this blue?” and “what would happen if I melted this?” Secondly, very often my experiments end extremely badly. You’d think the second thing would affect the first thing but oddly it doesn’t. I also suspect I’m not alone in this “hey what would happen if?” way of crafting.

Unfortunately my slap dash ways extend to grammer, punctuation and spelling, hence, my editor:

Will Maier. I’m a blog writer based in Los Angeles: meaning that (legally), I must also be either an Actor, Musician, Filmmaker, Comedian and/or Improviser. So, In the interest of not disappointing you, I am all-of-the-above.

My writing career has run alongside those other pursuits for some time, including movie & event reviews, scripts & sketches ( for TitledSketchProject ) , and most recently the duties of Daily Editor and occasional contributor to Crap-At-Crafts . . . and of course I have a large box full of comics drawn on napkins and half finished novels in a banker’s box, for anyone who wants to see them.

Bless his heart

If you have any comments or suggestions, would like to share a crafting disaster or write a guest post please drop me a line at emily@crapatcrafts.com.

If you have complaints or are a mean spirited person in general please contact me at bugger-off@crapatcrafts.com

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